Well that’s it. We’re all doomed. I’m seeing a lot of the “F” word, and a lot of scared confused angry voters.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to truly gauge whether America is this close to being populated by morons -or we’re all being duped into thinking that half of us are self-destructive. Either way, I guess we’re either going to take over the world or be destroyed trying. Thanks, Dubya.

Anyone else for buying a spot of land in the pacific islands and starting a commune? OH WAIT! Bush didn’t sign the conservation thingy that his dad sponsored and the pacific islands are being SWALLOWED by the raising sea level caused by GLOBAL WARMING!

This sucks.


7 thoughts on “Ugh!

      1. Re: here
        S’okay. That was a neat link, so overposting is cool. Edgar is my long lost soul mate, I think. If such a thing exists. If there’s only one -oh nevermind.
        I’m resisting the urge to order that action figure right now, just because it’s HIM and Poe stuff isn’t exactly common these days.
        So you won’t tell, eh? That’s fun. In case you’re wondering, I really have no idea who you are.
        I do love a mystery, though, however fleeting. =)


  1. I hear that
    I constantly threaten to move to Canada, and I am starting to think I should. As I was wondering how and why Bush got reelected. I saw two commercials for those plastic surgery shows where they make “ugly” people look “good”. Understanding that ¼ of America is stupid, and about ½ does not even bother to vote is easier when watching prime time TV.
    NPR made me want to destroy my radio today as every commentator kept saying that people from the bible belt voted Bush for “Moral Reasons”. I would love to get in argument with one of the people who voted Bush because he is the morally good candidate. I am sure as I try to argue how a preemptive war strategy will eventually lead to morally bad decisions, fear of us, more terrorism, etc, etc they will just be thinking of when the next episode of swan will be on.
    On a completely side note Blade Runner is on one of the Mexican channels. I suppose a translated 2001 A Space Odyssey would be weirder, but this is still weird.


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