When I was a high school photographer, back in the days of chemical processing and actual rolls of FILM, I kept all the negatives of the good photos I took.

The ones that were horrible I mostly disposed of, but all the ones I knew I’d someday want to look at again were lovingly slid into plastic sheets in a three ring binder I keep in my office to this day. The year after I graduated the world became a digital one, and I fought the transition tooth and nail…


This feed is an archive, like that negative binder, for myself and the world. I’ve done the best with what I had to work with. The shots I’ve loved or really liked… past, present and hopefully into the future. Comments very much appreciated. =)



2 thoughts on “Scopophilia

  1. Hi Mary

    I found your blog when trying to identify a photo I had taken of a purple flower (happy to say with your help, it’s honesty – lunaria annua).

    I just wanted to comment to say: your photos are fantastic and I’m very impressed they are taken with a P&S camera, rather than a D-SLR. I am also a P&S shooter, and also often covetous of a D-SLR, but don’t want to buy one (expense & weight) and love finding fabulous photographers working with a P&S. Keep it up!

    Best wishes,


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