Silver linings…touches of grey


So this whold “doomsday” attitude never was something I enjoyed clinging to. I’m not going to say that I’m okay with our present state of government. At the same time, nothing unites people like a common enemy.

If the American people continue to react to Bush as they have been -perhaps our country WILL improve in the next four years. Maybe citizens will start paying attention to polotics and taking part in this country’s workings. Reading journals by , , and has made me realize that we may just be a generation of activists waiting for a cause. If Bush and his frightening regime are going to be at the head of our country -we’re gonna have to be on our toes to protect what rights we have left after his first four years.

It’s funny, I haven’t seen much to remind me of it. I’m going to have to find some way to make a difference my OWN self in the coming years.

My toes are cold. There’s no heat again. You never know when it will be on. Tuesday afternoon while I was playing hooky I was FREEZING. Then it got really hot during the night. It felt warm when I came in earlier tonight, but once again it’s “colder ‘n a well-digger’s hind end” as my father would say. I better sleep. Early day tomorrow.

REMINDER: The Great American Smoke Out is Nov. 18th!!!!! Just thought I’d pitch that.


2 thoughts on “Silver linings…touches of grey

  1. The smoke out……
    … that when you smoke a lot, or stop smoking? In the past, I always just smoked a lot anyway because it was a special day about smoke, but since I’ve “quit” I don’t really know the true meaning of the day.


    1. Re: The smoke out……
      The Great American Smoke out is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and is supposed to get smokers to quit for the whole day. I believe the point is to show smokers how easy it is to quit or something like that. I’m working on determining the actual objective still.
      I have to try and promote it here in Dekalb -smokerville usa, full of college smokers. I’m trying to get creative. So far, I’ve been so busy with everything else I haven’t instituted the ideas I’ve been planning on trying. I have some good ideas though… more later.
      Congrats on quitting, I did too last summer. Isn’t it nice not to need them?


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