Geek Mom

In order to combat the stresses of real life -and because I love the fantasy genre in literature, gaming and storytelling in general- I also blog about geeky topics once in a while. Check out my writing at, or like their Facebook page for geeky updates each week.

Periodically, I’ll write about board games, geek culture, fantasy, science fiction, and conventions for geeks as well. Got a geeky habit you’d love to read more about? I would love any and all suggestions for geek topics, and you can send them to any time.

While I am a true geek on my own terms, I am also the mother of two boys who love gaming, Rick Riordan novels, and japanese anime. I plan to write more in the future about parenting geeky children as a geek mom. Stay tuned for more on that topic, and thanks for checking us out!