Early Projects I’m working on in 2017

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As I write this, it’s the first week of the new year. I decided several years ago that the term “New Year’s Resolution” has acquired a stigma I just don’t like. For the last several years I’ve done something different. Last year, I made efforts to create better habits rather than committing myself to resolutions. It works better for me, so I’m doing it again this year.

Already in 2017 I have been getting up before 6:30 pretty much every day. Never, in my younger years, would I have imagined that this was a habit I could develop for myself, but it’s happened. This gives me extra time in the morning when the house is quiet, and so far I’ve done yoga (despite the counter-campaign by our furry family members), cooked a hot breakfast, continued my spiritual devotionals, and written my “Morning Pages” before it was time to work.

My Early Projects This Year

These things I accomplish in the mornings really make me feel good, and help to start the day on a productive note. I’ve been thinking of them as my “Early Projects” because I make good progress on them early in the day. Still, these are the projects I hope to develop throughout the year.

I’ve been moonlighting as an Associate Editor for Geekbotchery.com for the last six months or so. This year I’d like to put more time in, and I’ll be writing a weekly column there on the awesome exploits of my geeky family. This will be a labor of love, a fun way to talk about our household’s gaming addiction, and a regular writing exercise.

Of course, this blog will also be an early project. Blogs like this are fairly easy for me to knock out in the wee hours (before 7 am) as long as I don’t fall into the social media black hole. Which I will. This year, however, I’m considering using a Chrome extension to limit my time spent scrolling. I’ll report on how that goes.

In my free time, I’ve been helping out some friends who are working on their own online store. Through the end of 2016, we worked to get their site up and running. These two ladies are fantastic artists and both have backgrounds in ecology and anthropology. They make jewelry, home decor, and altar-appropriate 3d art. The store is called Turtle’s Anvil; they’ve got a WordPress site and and Etsy store and we’re meeting semi-regularly to talk about online marketing, social media, and blogging. Check them out, they’ve got great stuff!

Things You Won’t See Here

My spiritual writings are going to live elsewhere on the web – as much as I hate having to splinter my interests, I realize not everyone wants to read about all of them. So this blog is lifestyle, social media, and writing specific. Geekbotchery is my gaming & geek culture exploits, and I’ll be managing a separate website for my religious affiliation. Check it out if you’re interested in ADF Druidry; we are called the Sinnissippi Tuath Grove, and there’s plenty of information on the site as well as quarterly (or so) blog updates from our Senior Druid.

Finally, I’m going to continue the morning pages project I started last year. Each morning, I hand-write three pages in my spiral notebook on anything I want. Sometimes it’s a list of things I need to accomplish, sometimes it’s complaining about things that are bothering me, and sometimes it’s ideas for writing projects. The point is to write something by hand, and to make it a consistent length. This has really helped me the last few months in developing new habits. A small win like this seems to help bolster my efforts when I go for more, or larger, wins.

I’m ready to make 2017 a year of focused personal development. Let’s do this!




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