A New Hope After 21st Century Heartbreak

Well, it’s been said all over the internet already. I’ll just get it out of the way before I start this post – 2016 has been crap.

Maybe it’s some kind of Karmic balance for the Cubs winning the world series, or maybe there has been a quiet uptick in the number of real live heroes being born (we’ll find out in 20 years, I guess). Either way, I’m already bracing for seasonal affective disorder to set in with the quickness.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready for a new year, a new beginning, and a new set of challenges. Politically, financially, and professionally we are all facing new threats to our ways of life. So how will you choose to deal with whatever 2017 brings?

Count Your Blessings

Personally, I learned a lot this year. I was able to attend a professional conference that really was fantastic. Pubcon 2016 featured networking, idea sharing, and developing my understanding of what’s up-and-coming for social and digital marketing as of right now. My family has enjoyed health and relative prosperity, and my relationship is a source of true joy in my life.

Sure, we lost a ton of our childhood icons and the country’s (still) going to hell. My credit score isn’t any better than it was six months ago. I constantly catch myself thinking of how much better things will be when I accomplish this, that, or the other goal. There is still hope.

water-into-wine-hope-2017With great adversity comes a potential for great accomplishment. I’ve heard it said several times this year that hope is a choice we make. It’s not inherent, it isn’t given to us by someone else (although we can certainly give one another a boost toward hope, if we strive to be excellent to each other), and it’s not found by throwing up our hands and asking for a miracle.

Let’s make 2017 work for us. I’m going to find things that I can influence for the better, and get myself involved. There’s no shame in starting small, either. My local community has a lot of need, and I can volunteer my time and ability in many ways. If every one of us does this, we might just make a difference on a larger scale.

This year, as 2016 grinds down to a heart-rending halt, I choose hope.


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