Revolution Mary is New and Improved!

While I’d love to be able to say that this has a double meaning, and that I’ve turned my wicked life around – I’ve just updated this blog.

My life is actually still pretty great, but I haven’t made any revolutionary changes in the last six months. All of that happened at the end of 2014, and I am consistently surprised, humbled, and grateful for where I am today.

I keep looking (for reference) at blogs like The Bloggess, Brittany, Herself, and Whatever. These are hugely popular writers that manage to update their readers somewhat regularly on the things going on in their lives. Each time I fall out of the habit of writing/blogging and come back, I struggle with the issue of identity and branding and questions like who wants to read that, really!?

I’m going to trust my idols. They are all published authors, and none of them seem to refrain from writing blog posts about their day or their cats or the silly thing someone in their family did. So why should I agonize to the point of NOT writing anything? It’s foolish.

Here’s another go and keeping up a consistent routine.

You may notice that some of the tags in my sidebar lead to posts that are protected. This is because when I was just starting out as a blogger, I was completely honest and unashamed about my posting. Back in 2002 or so, I didn’t worry about anyone I knew reading because most of the people around me IRL didn’t bother with blogs, and spent FAR less time on the internet. Now I have a career I love and a family that I cherish. So, protected posts. I’m sorry if you hit a wall there, but there will be plenty more to come.

Thanks for reading this far!


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