My Digital Existential Crisis

This morning, as I was editing a #PS4Live YouTube video that I made, I thought about the way other people see me in the digital space. To be frank, I’ve always wrestled with the stark contrast between my complete unwillingness to mold myself into what others expect me to be like -and my desire to find ways to project who I actually am into that very same mold.

It’s complicated to say the least, when you work in digital marketing and have multiple online social network presences (both my own, and those I manage professionally) and you want to just be yourself.

On top of all that, I have this desire to be known for who I truly am -and have people actually like that person. We all do, really.

So in the last 13 years of my various blogging exploits, gaming binges, writing streaks, and social network developments, I have always felt adrift. How do I attract an audience, when I have so many varied interests? How do I keep and grow my own credibility (as a personal brand), when I have interests and audiences that are generally considered to be at odds with one another, or at least not very compatible?

I want to play video games and write fantasy novels, but at the same time I want to be taken seriously when I represent a brand that has nothing to do with either. Have we come far enough now, in 2015, that my multiple digital personality disorder won’t matter?

I sure hope so, because it’s play time for mom and I have the PS4 all to myself.


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