There Will Come A Day

I want to talk about having adult ADD for a minute. If this topic bores you, please feel free to find another distraction for a few hundred words.

Work flow processes and routines have been a challenge for me as a grown up, not just professionally but in my daily life. Since I graduated from college in 2012 I have been working on streamlining my methods for planning a day’s productivity in advance so that I can refer to it when I get distracted.

Working in social media marketing and having to cycle between 3 or 4 different social networks nearly all day, I refer to my handwritten daily planner on my (actual) desk top often.

At home, on a day like today -Saturday- I have to make lists of chores on a whiteboard and line them out as I finish them. The technique works well for my kids, also. There’s something gratifying about physically crossing a job off your list.

This morning I scooped the litter box and then assigned myself 2 hours to play Minecraft, after which I had to do dishes. I only went 15 minutes over my time limit because i had to return to my house from the village I had found -it was on the other side of the map and there be creepers, yo!

Every now and then, the other side of the ADD coin pops up and suddenly I am focusing on jobs and getting them finished and moving smoothly into other jobs I had forgotten I needed to do. I’ll simply do them all.

There will come a day, maybe a few times a year, where I look around at my home and I just HAVE to move furniture around into a differed position. I will spend as many as 8 hours moving clutter, organizing the “stuff” that appears all over a home with two children and two busy adults, and I’ll move the large furniture items once the room is cleaned out.

This morning was close to that -we’re still unpacking, and I’m extremely pleased with most of the furniture placement, but I did those dishes after my game time was up. After the dishes were done, I wiped down the counters and started my 30 Days Of Yoga playlist on YouTube. After that I grabbed clean clothes, took a shower, heated up some spaghetti for lunch and sat down to write this blog while I ate it.

There will come a day, every once in a great while, when all those hours of time-boxing and list making just fade away, and I’m a juggernaut of productivity. Today was one of those days, and I’m really grateful.


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