The Winter Blues

As I (finally) write this I’m sitting in a diner late at night, listening to Tom Waits and pondering the raindrops rolling down the window. This week has been sort of exhausting already, and it’s only Tuesday night. Partially, I’m stressed out about school -which is an all too familiar feeling that I’d really like to stop living with year after year.

I passed Math 101 with a C last semester, and while I’m not proud of such a mediocre letter grade -that one class was a huge obstacle to me for several years and I’m satisfied to be done with it. Now I’m finished with my bachelor’s degree, but I haven’t received the actual piece of paper yet -it has to come by mail. Beyond that, I’ve taken a job in a field that I’m very interested in and it’s been taking up my days -which leaves me trying to schedule graduate classes and advising appointments after 3 PM on a campus that’s 40 miles away.

The cold and rain lately have matched my mood to a point, but the last few nights have made the commute feel like a significant burden. The fog has been thick and drippy and sometimes ominous; Monday night I drove home through a gentle lightning storm above the fog (or in it?) and pretty much accelerated like a granny all the way from DeKalb to Rockford. Tonight I’m concerned about my GPA and it’s only the 3rd week of classes.

I’ve come to that part of the Winter that inevitably hits me with the realization that I really miss spring and life and leaves on the trees. On the other hand, I caught the cold that had avoided me for somewhere around the last year and in just about a week exactly, I feel pretty much on the mend.

All in all… life is still pretty good. I just need to clear the cobwebs from my perception once in a while and recognize it.


One thought on “The Winter Blues

  1. Hi Mary,

    I’d like to nominate your blog for the Liebster award which recognizes up and coming blogs (generally those with less than 200 followers), and hopefully drives more traffic your way when I provide a link for my readers/followers. I’m planning a post (probably for Monday or Tuesday) that outlines the recognition. Would you accept? If so, shoot me an email at Sorry I couldn’t find a different way to contact you.

    Joe Warnimont


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