Save the date (night)!


It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks!

I made the firm decision that this was the year I would finish National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) for the first time, and then I promptly scored a really great contract that will last through the end of December (hopefully longer). Soo… probably not going to be pumping out an additional 50,000 words on top of my two research/writing heavy grad classes and a job that’s really absorbing.


This past week I feel as if I’m in my element, and I really want to impress the people who gave me this opportunity. I feel that I can, so I am spending the weekend trying to get schoolwork caught up so that I can operate more efficiently this week. Nothing is more distracting or obstructive than the knowledge that you have something else that’s overdue or in serious¬†jeopardy¬†of falling prey to the entropy vacuum that is my schedule. I mean I don’t have enough time for things.

Anyway, this popped up and a little light went on in my head -why not take a night off (since our weekly Saturday night tabletop game is cancelled anyway) and have dinner at a charity event? I spend so much time lamenting the socio-economic disparity of our region, mostly because I’m living it; but here’s a chance to give some small portion of our wealth to those who have less and we do have time to save up for it.


At $35 a plate, it may seem like a very expensive dinner -but it’s not the kind you can possibly feel guilty about having. We’re giving sustenance, receiving sustenance and taking an opportunity to be social as a couple. I think it’s going to be great, even if someone eats all the bowties.

There’s going to be a comedy hypnotist, a DJ and a coffee bar. I wonder if they could hypnotize me to stop eating when I get full and not spill anything on myself all night…


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