Libra Nocturne

Graduate school -I wanted to say I was in you, but felt like I should wait until December. That is when I will be finished with the freshman math class I’ve been army-crawling through since August. I can’t believe it’s already October but I’m not complaining. At the beginning of the semester I imagined that my Grad school classes would be a welcome distraction from the math homework I would face.

Math homework has always been my biggest fear and difficulty.

While I have been avidly interested in the subjects we’ve discussed and researched and written about -these classes are not easy. For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling challenged in classes that are my bag and it’s both great and difficult. Keeping up with weekly math homework of several pages, writing one or more papers every week and having to read enough material to write those papers is keeping me busy, but I have the strangest feeling that I’m still hanging on by one hand. I’m actually sort of keeping up, and it feels great.

I know a lot of people laugh at astrology and “hocus pocus” because they love science -but I love both. Don’t get me wrong -I’m not coding my behaviors or schedule entirely by the stars. It just seems like too many people want to choose a side these days and defend it regardless of it’s truth. It is confirmation bias.

The stars and their charts and references were among the first accomplishments of science -back when humans were still trying to establish and create a framework for understanding their universe. Tonight the moon is dark and is in the house of Libra along with the sun. Libra comes from the Latin for book, and this certainly seems to be a vague correlation with my life at the moment. I hope this motivated energy follows me all the way through this math course. My life really will be changing after this year -I hope.

Right now, I think it will be a change for the better.


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