My life is about to change


We are on vacation, and I have been struggling to find the time to do much writing at all. I have had a great time so far visiting with friends and seeing Disney’s magic kingdom and other various sites. We are staying with a friend and park employee, and they have an in-ground pool in the backyard for the kids to swim in absolutely free… and for me to drop my phone in.

That’s right, my mobile device is kaput. The thing I use to check in, look up, browse through and get down. My camera, my social networking tool, the thing I take anywhere I go and wonder every now and then, “what would I do without this wonderful smartphone?”

I was sitting by the edge of the pool, moments after my best friend (who repairs smartphones for a living) warned me that I was flirting with disaster, trying to take a picture of the boys. Charlie had fallen and hit his side on a fake rock at Disney and I was trying to get a picture of the bruise when the level of chaos reached its peak and I fumbled the HTC Sensation I love so much right into the pool.

I stared in horror as my husband grabbed it up out of the water and in that moment I knew it was no ones fault but my own for having it so close anyway. We have about three days left, and then we head home… with not nearly enough money to replace the phone. I am still going to have fun and get a tan (that is code for sunburn, with my complexion) but I will be attempting to do this without the ability to post status updates unless I have free wifi access to use my tablet.

Maybe this is destiny. I just miss my second brain already.


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