The Diamond boys’ birthday surprise

The burdens of being a tween…

Yesterday my oldest son turned 10 years old.

We didn’t plan a big party or invite a bunch of people to come and celebrate, mostly because we couldn’t afford to have a formal party with decorations and activities and food. My initial plan was to have a backyard campfire party, put up a tent and let the boys stay out in the backyard overnight.

Unfortunately, living in Northern Illinois means putting up with crazy shifts in temperature during the transitional seasons -the record setting 95 degree weather last week has now been replaced with night time temperatures in the 40’s and rain every other day. So at the very last minute, we just decided to take the boys roller skating and tell them the big secret we’ve been hiding from them for months. The reason we are so broke and unwilling to spend extra cash.

We’re leaving for Disneyworld in four days.

Florida beaches have FREE souvenirs!

Charlie will turn 5 on Wednesday and that morning we’re getting on a plane to sunny Florida for our family vacation and their ultimate birthday present. We’ve been planning this vacation for years, and saving for it since we splurged on the tickets with our tax return money. I cannot wait for Charlie to see the ocean for the first time, and for Sebastian to relax back into childhood for a few more days. He’s become so cautious and introverted the last few years, he seems much older than ten.

Today we’re off to the Rockford Air Show to meet friends who are gifting us with tickets to get in. I’ve actually not been to an air show since I can remember… but since everyone seems to love taking pictures there, I guess I’ll bring my camera along. Wish me luck!


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