Don’t let the sideshow distract you from the main event

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of threads with people commenting on politics from what seems to me a short-sighted understanding (at best) of the details of many situations. Each time I wrote a response I thought to myself “Should I be posting this online, in the permanent record, when I’m trying to get a job as a writer? What if someday in the indefinite future I might have a potential reader who is alienated by my having said that?” Writers are human beings, and journalists are supposed to be objective and mothers are supposed to be devoted to their children’s futures -not their own. How does a female author with children ever do what’s right by her own conscience and everyone else’s?

Then I realized I was going way too deep with this, and that what I really needed was to lay it down for these strangers (even the ones trolling the internet with their funded conservative rhetoric) the way I see it and hope that it resonates with someone else, too. So here it is: the responses I kept to myself.

© Mary Diamond 2012

When corporations are treated as people, do you still argue we should let “the people” keep more of their money?

Giving multi-national corporations a loophole through which to take unprecedented amounts of money from our economy and funnel it overseas has ruined this country -and the guys who are profiting from that want you to blame the poor.

They’re succeeding, and the best part is these rich guys (for the most part) didn’t work hard to earn that money. They either invested or inherited enough to grow their wealth.

Are you telling me a guy who was born with a trust fund and is earning $20 million a year from investments (while unemployed) has a right to his wealth, while a man who works a blue-collar job 40+ hours a week to bring home $30K a year and spends his life teetering on the brink of bankruptcy (all it takes is one medical problem or one kid who wants to go to college) should be grateful for whatever he can get?

Phrases like “hand-out” imply that these people want something for nothing -but the WORKING CLASS have to punch a clock every day, while the 1% sit back and watch their investments grow and are basically GETTING something for nothing. I’d call that a hand-out.

When ALL (that means every single) elected officials win elections by spending the most borrowed money, and that money comes from mega corps owned by a few rich guys, how do you expect to be represented by your government at all?

That’s the root of the problem. Government spending is completely in the hands of the corporate cronies we call elected officials. Even those who WANT to do the right thing and make this country great are forced to play along or lose their chance to make any difference at all. Look at the winner of just about any major election in this country, and you’ll find they are the person who spent the most money on the campaign.

That’s why these movements are fighting to end corporate citizenship and “get the money out of politics”.


One thought on “Don’t let the sideshow distract you from the main event

  1. The circus atmosphere that’s been winding up the beginning of this election season is only meant to distract the entire public from these movements… why else would we be talking about restricting the flow of information, banning contraception, comparing women’s health legislation to the procedures acceptable for farm animals and tossing around the idea of turning healthcare in this country into a modern experiment in financial Darwinism?


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