The Blindergeist

I am starting to wonder if there isn’t a poltergeist specific to window dressing that’s taken up residence in my home. Call it a Domovoi or a streak of bad luck -but the cellular blinds that I was so proud to have found on a clearance shelf a few years ago have come off the wall twice today, already.

I put them back up and then while I’m in my office trying to piece together letters to form words and communicate with people far away -some terrible monster reaches up over the heads of my angelic children who I’m sure sit huddled in wordless anxiety over the creature that would do such a thing in blatant disregard for my feelings on the matter.

My husband and I had a pleasant exchange in the kitchen today, of all places, and I found myself reflecting on our blessings in the last six months or so. As we pulled groceries from bags, Mike announced them like prizes on a TV game show and we rubbed our hands together like cartoon villains imagining how much money we’ll be saving by continuing our self-control and taking prepared meals with us whenever we leave for work or school. It’s been a tough road, but it’s better for our finances and our figures so we’re making the change together.

Last year at this time this activity would have been more than tinged with bittersweet anxiety, since the running of our household has been the biggest project (and this biggest positive evolution) we’ve undertaken as a married couple. The budget has gone from tear-jerkingly hopeless to still not great, but at least manageable. I have hope for the future. There are still financial obstacles, and we are still two very strong-willed personalities, but I really feel better in general about life when we’re getting along well and working together on tackling things.

I’ve started video blogging, mostly because it’s just a few minutes talking in front of my webcam and then a few clicks to post it to YouTube (read:quick updates are easy). I’m also hoping that having to look at myself on my YouTube channel might help motivate me to work a little harder at getting on the bicycle this summer. The end of winter always makes me anxious for the night riders to get back together (you know who you are)!


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