Million Dollar Crooner

I just watched Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. win America’s Got Talent.

Wow. “From a Car detailer to a million dollar crooner” is what Nick Cannon said about it, and it’s a great feeling to see it happen to someone. Working class America has just been given a tiny little pill for what seems to be stretching into an even longer recession.

For all of thirty seconds I cried with joy to think someone like me, without an accessible array of promising opportunities for the future, could suddenly know his dreams have become reality. It was carthardic, but left me feeling a little sad as well. How many other car detailers, housewives and salesmen are out there watching like me, wishing for just the tiniest bit of that good fortune?

The upswing of all this primetime-tv-fueled introspection is that I’m blogging again. I spent a good portion of this afternoon working on my new blogging fan page, changing the name and layout and such -it felt like a waste of effort not to post a new one. I’ve been busy with school the last few weeks, but I’ve wanted to write a blog about it the whole time.

One of the best things about going back to school is that the commute gives me at least 30 minutes of relatively quiet time to listen to talk radio. Charlie tends to look out the window, ¬†occasionally greeting the corn or soybeans that wave in the breeze. I’m becoming a news junkie again, slowly but surely, and despite the gloomy contents of today’s media… I’m glad to become a part of this world again.


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