Google+ You Are My Hero

Seriously. Today I was coming really close to just shutting myself in a dark room and waiting for it to be over. Not that today was necessarily a bad day especially -but the last few weeks have seemed just terribly gloomy for a lot of people, and my mood is shot.

So after simmering in my troubles for most of the day, in between clicking on the “Join Google+” button that came with my invite, I got a shot of hope. Since yesterday I’ve been going back and clicking the button at random between tabs of interest on Chrome.  Each time I’d get the virtual tour screen with the message that they’d reached capacity and to try again soon (my emphasis added). Soon was all I needed to see, and I clicked probably ten different times today.

Finally, while I sat before my computer sullen and fishing on my Facebook wall for a companion to keep me company on my downtown foray this evening, I saw something new. It was asking me for information!

So I’m in Google+ now and as much as I’d love to go on about it… I have a lot of exploring to do. New experiences almost always put me in a good mood.


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