Emergence of Wisdom

I saw a quote today that said “The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook” by William James. SO true…

As this Winter comes nearer to it’s close I’m finding it much easier to let certain things slide. Not things that are important, mind you, but things that really aren’t going to matter or can’t be changed anyway. What good is it to push on a mountain, just because it’s in your way? Some people are like that. The government is like that, too.

I’ve been listening to talk radio just about all day, getting into the emotions of all these people talking about Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve lived in Illinois, just a two hour drive from Madison, nearly all my life and I feel as connected as a non-cheesehead probably can. The problem that keeps gnawing at me, though, is all these conservative friends of mine (I have several) who are taking pot-shots at the democratic senators who’ve come here to Rockford to delay the vote.

Please don’t insult our intelligence by calling them chicken and implying that all they’ve done is “run away” from their jobs as representatives of the people of Wisconsin. There are 30,000 protesters out there who don’t want to see a fundamental change (deprivation?) of the rights of workers to bargain as a group. These 14 guys are the “minority” in this vote and they are going to lose when and if the vote occurs. Since you want to get all short-sighted and act like high school jockheads, let me explain a little thing called STRATEGY to you.

They leave the state and the 19 republicans cannot vote (they need 20 senators present) on the bill that we all know they have the majority vote on. This way, the people of Wisconsin have time to react, discuss, argue and hopefully get a better understanding of what’s happening. The people of the country have now taken notice; all because of this walk-out. Still want to make fun of the guys who “ran away” as you call it? They’re doing what they can for the apathetic majority of Americans (who are very rarely silent) so that when the rug gets pulled out from under them, they’ll at least know who did it.

This isn’t just going to affect the state of Wisconsin, either. What do you think is going to happen for union-busters all over the country? It’s going to set a little thing called precedent. Some are calling this a class-war, some are saying it’s the fix for a state budget that’s got a $140 million deficit (Funny, that’s exactly the amount Governor Walker gave to his special interest groups in the 2 months since he’s been in office…) and others are convinced that the silent majority really wants this. In my opinion it’s an obvious attack on the working class.

So the “minority” are just meeting fire with fire. Walker’s beckoning the democrats to come on back to the cafeteria and get beat up, but these guys are bringing the whole school with to watch it go down. More power to ’em.


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