Blissful Beach

I recently visited a good friend in Florida. Fortunately, we both appreciate the quiet moments in life and we found the time to visit a fairly low-traffic beach. I had my Canon Powershot with me, but be prepared… I’ll soon be posting some experimental fun with a digital SLR!


2 thoughts on “Blissful Beach

  1. Hello, Mary Diamond, nice picture! I look forward to seeing what you do with your new camera.
    I’m an aspiring amateur photographer with a cheap little camera, but some day soon I hope to have a better one, cause I’ve got the fever. I’m new to blogging too. Trying to figure out how to leave a link to my blog when I comment on other blogs, any advice? Z.


    1. Zahara-
      Looks like you did just fine with the link. Also, your avatar image should link back to your main blog or profile, I believe. Yes, this camera is going to be so much fun… it’s a possibility we may purchase it over time! Good luck with all your shots!


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