Yesterday was the perfect mix of messing around and getting things done. I took Charlie out to the playplace with his friend Evelyn (in his big-boy underwear, too!) and we played for a while. Then we went home and played out in the yard, enjoying the sun despite the chill. When his big brother got home from school (with all the neighbor kids in tow) they all played out in the yard while I got started on laundry and our bedroom.

Our bedroom is traditionally a mess, and that’s one reason the door is always closed. Maybe it’s because we’re grownups now and we don’t have anyone cracking the whip over us to clean our room or make our beds. In any case, I got it spic-and-span last night and even rearranged some furniture. Mike was impressed, which was nice.

Charlie went all day in his underoos, but I had to ask him frequently whether or not he had to go. He’s not telling me when he does. In fact, today I took his night diaper off and let him wear underwear again and he’s already had two accidents. I put the diaper back on just now. At least he’s now saying that he wants to be a big boy and wear underwear. Before we tried using that reverse psychology (don’t you want to be a big boy?) and he’d respond that he was NOT a big boy, but he wanted to be a baby. Baby steps, I guess.

I’m hoping to attend some classes on financial management, clutter, and unemployment today. They’re being offered free because it’s MoneySmart week here in Illinois, and Lord knows I need all the help I can get. I’m also forming a plan to try and get back into school by this coming fall at the LATEST. More to come on that.

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