Blue Friday

Depression is sort of like having a disease. Everyone around you is aware of it to varying degrees, some acutely and some just barely cognizant of it. But no one ever says a word about it.

For the depressed, it seems like everyone else is watching you sink into quicksand -and keeping their distance. You may even come to a point where you’d like to reach out and ask for help. When you try to make yourself care that you’re sinking, and you decide that you actually might have the energy to try and climb out -it’s a gamble. Sometimes a friend will be there to respond, to grab your hand and pull you somewhere outside of your dark cloud.

Other times you find yourself more alone than before. The others turn away, keep each other distracted. Maybe they’re doing it because they’re afraid that they’ll be pulled into a situation that they can’t just walk away from when they feel like it. Maybe they really haven’t noticed that it’s gotten that bad. Sometimes they just seem to have too much else to do.

Maybe they never really cared at all. Maybe they’re all just insincere jerks who found you amusing for a while and now that you’ve lost your shine they’re done watching you screw up.

Maybe it’s all in your head, and you’re the selfish one. Maybe you just didn’t get enough attention as a child and it’s about time you took responsibility for your own happiness. Maybe you’re just too tired to try anymore.

Maybe other people have it way worse than you do. Maybe you should watch some reality TV to make you feel better about your life. Where’s Jerry when you need him?

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