Hump Day Can Be Pretty, Too!

Things are looking up today. Both of the kids battled a nasty stomach flu this past weekend, and between Saturday night’s isolated regurgitation and Tuesday mornings marathon puking… I’m done cleaning up other peoples stomach contents for quite a while, thank you.

Fortunately, both boys recovered within 24 hours of the stomach cramping and otherwise extreme discomfort. I got a nap in yesterday evening, which rejuvenated me immensely and I was then unable to get to sleep until around 4 am. Still, today is beautiful and the temperature is supposed to reach the high 70’s today, so Charlie and I will be going out to enjoy it. I’m also thinking I’ll probably make a ham tonight for dinner, and attempt to get some working in.

The camera situation has been cleared up, so my posts can now have photos -but since I’ve now got a photoblog as well I’ll try to be less reliant upon them for this blog. I need to write more, creatively or otherwise, and it’s really starting to wear on my overall outlook that I’m NOT doing what I love and then I’m upset about being unhappy all the time. I’ve decided I’m going to start freewriting regularly, and attempt a few short stories just to get the literary juices flowing. More to come on that.

I got to see my cousin’s family, and her beautiful children had a birthday last weekend. On the way to meet with them I noticed my tulips were especially beautiful and I just had to photograph them. Obviously the “best” of the bunch is on the photoblog, but here’s another shot of the group open wide. Ah spring.


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