My Photoblog is up!

See, I have all these seemingly hidden (read: imaginary) talents that I would love to share with people… it just takes too much time and focus to organize the things I have done, so that I can do some things I want done.

In other words, I have created a second blog specifically for my photography. That photography which does not suck as much in my own mind, and therefore deserves to be shown all over the internet. Of course, any chance I may have had at fame and fortune for said photography will go right out the window, because I’m sure whoever wants it will just swipe it from the site. I’m just tired of having my pix spread from Photobucket to Flickr (see the sidebar) to where ever else I’ve started a profile. I don’t even remember half the places.

Anyway, please check it out and I absolutely love comments. On everything. Including this drivel…


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