Back to the Present

I have many pictures to post from the last several weeks -and not enough space for all of them!  In other news… I decided to try and write every day no matter what. This morning I didn’t really have a dream, but I’m thinking when I do the dream journal totally counts as writing.

On days (like today) when I don’t have a dream, I’m just going to sit down and write out whatever comes to mind for ten minutes or so. At least until Charlie disrupts my train of thought, or trashes something. During this morning’s writing exercise Charlie infiltrated the linen closet and found the baby powder and lotion. The powder was closed, fortunately, and too difficult for his little hands to open. The lotion on the other hand, was deposited in small gobs all over the house. For example…

I think maybe he was trying to moisturize these items. There were actually more gobs I discovered as the day went on, like the one he dropped into the clothes hamper, in my left shoe, and on a sippy cup that had been abandoned in the hallway. Gotta love the terrible twos!

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