2010: The Inner Odyssey

Lately I’ve been feeling changed somehow by life… or maybe it’s old age. I’ve been coloring sporadically growing white hairs for a few years now, and it doesn’t really bother me. I just don’t want to look shabby. Words have been escaping me (memory recall failure) when I’m writing or speaking that normally came to mind smoothly every time, and when I stand to walk I hobble like a crone.

“Old Age” seems to be suiting me well, for the most part. I’ve been enjoying the more domestic side of my personality at least as far as cooking and decorating go.  I made a coffee cake the other morning and sent a few pieces in Mike’s lunch, and I guess his co-workers requested one for themselves. I made it the Monday after Valentine’s and the kids and I dropped it off. Charlie’s always a big hit at the office, and the ladies hadn’t met Sebastian before, so we got lots of thanks.

I know I need to start making healthier choices physically, mentally, and spiritually. Perhaps these strange thoughts that keep popping into my head (I should self-medicate with alcohol, run away to become a migrant farm worker or color my hair blue) are some sort of early mid-life crisis. Ultimately, I chuckle at the idea after a moment’s consideration and continue plodding forward with the housework or the nose-wiping or the video games. Still, it makes a person wonder if they’re going crazy.

It’s snowing outside my office window as I write this, and the kids have constructed a tent city from tv trays and blankets in the living room. Mike’s finishing up the dishes I started last night and I’m definitely ready for breakfast. Dinner was awesome -I roasted a big chicken my mom bought for us and made my very first potato and leek soup. Bastian didn’t like it but Mike and I sort of did. I overcooked the potatoes and it definately needed more pepper and spice. It was a little too sweet, but creamy and filling. The best part of the meal, however, was that there was very little bickering and Sebastian even asked for seconds on his chicken.

Charlie’s been snotty lately, and I don’t mean attitude. The poor little guy picked up this cough a few days ago (probably from the kid at Sapora playworld who was trailing snot all the way down the matted ramp up the playset). It sounded pretty bad yesterday, but the fever and cough both seem to have gotten better today. Isn’t it ironic that we’re invited to a birthday party at playworld today? I’m not going to take him if the snot hasn’t receded though. It’s not fair to the other kids, and I know how irritated I get seeing a child who’s obviously spouting cold germs at a public play area. I may as well wear a scarlet letter on my shirt for the other parents to glare at.

There has been quite a bit more activity lately at Momentum Workshop, including the weekly blog posts that have been on time (gasp) and a new client that should hopefully propel all of us to get moving on our projects.  I’ve also still got ideas for writing projects stewing in my brain. Maybe if I started going to bed at 10 every night and getting up at 5 am every day I’d be more functional in the morning. I’m thinking that may be the time to start writing. The only problem is that lately the kids are already up by 5. I just need more quiet time around here…

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