House of Diamond

So this is post #1 of my new “segment” about the destruction I face on an almost daily basis. I’m raising two boys. They are not afraid of much, unless it’s inconvenient for me, and they are like constant whirling vortexes of pent up energy most of the time. Still, I love them both.

This past weekend we had houseguests, as I have mentioned, and Charlie was high on attention for practically three days. By Sunday morning he was waking up before everyone and hunting my office for something to stoke his curiousity. What he found was my crafting drawers, and specifically my beads.

I have this silver tray with boxes segmented into it that holds quite a number of tiny glass “seed beads” of 33 different colors. It’s got a thin plastic sheet that moulds to the squares to keep the beads in while it’s closed, and the lid snaps shut with a plastic latch. He managed to pull it from my drawers and open it, dumping the entire contents into my carpet where he then proceeded to run his fingers through them and work them into the carpet. Several handfuls also went into the fishtank (those fish are STILL kickin’ though!) along with some hemp twine and a few metal pendants of various shapes.

Status as of Wednesday night: most of the beads have been grabbed up by the hand ful -now I’m working about one square foot at a time picking the tiny glass beads out of the carpet fibers with my fingernails. Hey, these are perfectly good beads that I could use to make jewelry still. No sense just sacrificing them to the vacuum gods! Thanks, Charlie! ❀


One thought on “House of Diamond

  1. I read this and cried! Bless your heart for having so much patience with your adorable little guy. Heres some tips for getting the rest of the beads out if you haven’t already. Use a beading needle and long thread to sew them out of the carpet or if you have a clean and empty dust buster use that to pick them all up then empty the canister! If you need help picking them up or want to borrow my dustbuster let me know : ) I’m also willing to sort them all out back into their compartments! You know I love sorting beads!


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