Feast or Famine

I just cannot seem to have any sort of stability in my life… and that’s probably the thing I’d love the most right now.

Money’s tight again, and we’re playing the fun “should I answer it or not” game with bill collectors and our “new” mortgage company. Ever since our bank was bought out and our mortgage got handed off to these people we’ve been entertaining what I am beginning to see as a false sense of hope that maybe this time we’ll figure out a way to stay in our home.

Rounding out the wonderfulness of the previous paragraph, I hurt my back yesterday climbing up off of the floor in the kids room. On a good note, the story I was reading did the trick and Charlie took a nice nap without my having to go back in or put him back to bed even once. Today he napped again with no trouble at all -it would appear that around 11 am is the time to lay him down. Watch cartoons (Max & Ruby is the cut off) eat some lunch at the table, and then off to nap time.

Things were going relatively well until I decided to really start in on the cleaning. I got the shower cleaned (and myself so two birds with one stone) and put away the clean dishes. Next I filled the sink with suds and started loading it up. The garbage was full and Mike’s coming home relatively soon, so I pulled out the trash and stuck it on the front porch. Then I passed Charlie leaving my office and chattering something about ‘toys in the fish tank’ and my blood started to boil. I stomped into the office in dread, and discovered this.

Bastian was completely oblivious, while using my computer to play video games, that Charlie was not four feet away from him dumping everything he could find into the fishtank. I pretty much blew my top -but not without realizing that I had to take a picture because as soon as I got my heart out of my throat I’d want to post this and laugh about it.

I removed from the tank:

1 red NIU baseball cap

2 mismatched dirty socks

1 hardcover kids book about bullfrogs

1 miniature plastic slinky (rainbow)

1 nerf gun

1 round of ammo for aforementioned nerf gun

1 red mitten

1 blue mitten

1 sippy cup (not quite empty of chocolate milk)

2 hard rubber dog toys

and several small bits of paper.


3 thoughts on “Feast or Famine

  1. Charlie putting things into your fish tank is probably my fault. Early last year let him and Bash feed my turtle Buddy. I went into the next room to pull out some toys for them to play with and then next thing you know, everything was in the tank….. : )


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