The Stirrings Of Life

The week to date has been really good as far as motivation goes. Sunday afternoon and yesterday I worked out for 40 minutes or more, and I’ve blogged just about every other day as well. The dishes are being managed, and I made barbecue ribs for dinner last night with some red potatoes that never did get eaten.

Bastian had a Winter concert last night at the high school, and we had to rush out of the house before the veggies were done to make it on time. I guess I could have done a better job planning out the meal time and dressing time and walking out the door… but ultimately everybody got there and it went well. I’ll make up for the rushed meal tonight.

I’ve been following more news stories lately on my google reader and Facebook. When I was commuting to NIU multiple days a week I had no problem keeping up with events because I had the news radio programs to keep me alert on the drive. It helped me feel better prepared to put together the NTC News program, having a little preview of what the talk stations were plucking form the Associated Press feed before I picked through it myself in the news room. I miss that place a lot. I have honestly been re-considering the possibility of an internship at a local station lately, but between not getting paid for it and the uncertainty of getting credits that I would have to pay out of pocket for… it’s unlikely to happen.

The search for a job continues, although I’m leaning on mainly on faith for the most recent application I turned in. The job would be fantastic for me mentally and financially, but I still worry a little that if I got it Charlie would suddenly be in daycare full time five days a week. He’s only ever been home with me or with a babysitter for a few hours maximum. Daycare was great fun for Sebastian, and I think to some extent the socialization was part of the reason he communicates so well for his age.

Over the last several days I’ve been noticing that the sun is certainly getting stronger. At the gas pump the other day I actually had to shield my eyes with my hand to see the number, because a shaft of sunlight was beaming right at me. Yesterday afternoon I pulled out the crock pot from it’s shelf and it was almost hot where the corner of it was in the sunlight from the window. Imbolc isn’t even here yet and already the warmth returns… although I’m sure this is just a teaser. The temperatures this week are supposed to be highs in the 30’s which is a veritable heat wave compared to the last month or so. I’m so excited for Spring to return so I can ride my bicycle, take the kids into the woods for hiking and plan a camping trip maybe up North this year.

I think this morning I’m going to try and get Charlie fed and put back to bed for a nap by 10 am and no later. Yesterday I tried around noon and it took over an hour for him to eventually sleep. After that the day was great; I got the dishes done and read nearly a quarter of my book. I’m re-reading Game of Thrones. The whole series is so good, but we’ve been waiting YEARS for the final book to come out and I need the closure. I figure maybe if I read them again the final book will be released and I’ll be right where I need to be mentally to pick it up and finish the epic once and for all.

***edit: No nap today. Maybe yesterday was just a fluke. ***


One thought on “The Stirrings Of Life

  1. I’m very glad things are going well for you! I noticed the sun as well. A pretty pink sky greeted me when I made my way to school tonight at 5pm. I wish I would have known about Bash’s concert. It must have been cute. Can’t wait to see pictures/videos. Hope to talk to you soon.


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