I’m back in 2010

Before Christmas this year I kept thinking how we were doing so much better than that Christmas two years ago when I blogged about our lack of presents on December 24th and friends showed up on the big day with gifts for the kids and us. I think that was probably the best gift I ever received, being remembered in our time of such need. I’m still grateful for all the friends who swept in and made our holidays brighter. Once the tree was up this year, Charlie wasted no time falling asleep underneath it. Both of the boys had a great Christmas, we didn’t break the bank, and although we’re still poor at least we’re still in our home. The more time goes by, however, the more I think our general level of stress would be lower if we just gave up. I hate giving up, though! Do I hate it as much as being insanely miserable? Sometimes you’ve just got to know your limitations.

I really wanted to take advantage of the lunar event this year by working some magic for inner change, but of course the beef & cream cheese rolls for the party took precedence. Yes, the new year passed us by so quickly I barely had the time I wanted to prepare for it. The 31st of December was a blue moon, the second full moon of that month, and we won’t see another until August of 2012. I wonder if that’ll be the night of the big hullabaloo everyone’s buzzing about. I mean, those Mayans had the calendar thing down pretty well from what I’ve heard, but I don’t think the world will end just because their calendar does. Maybe it’ll be the end of bloodthirsty capitalism or prejudice among the human population. It would be a wonderful change of pace for the world if this whole “end” bit turned out to be just a great change of mindset for the people of Earth.

Thanks GreenTree!

I guess I’m just trying to think somewhat positively… As long as I avoid the topic of finance I should be able to pull it off. But then again, pleasantries rarely make a good read. I guess my concern is that as so many of us are struggling to keep our heads above water, the guys with all the cash flow are refusing to change up the system at all. Big scandal of the year to date (or so I saw on the news Jan 1st) was that all these banks who got bailed out spend $871,000 per home that was supposedly saved from foreclosure. My mortgage is less than $100,000 and it’s taken us 2 years to get approved for a program that we now find will save us a whopping $26 a month off our mortgage. Really? THAT is supposed to save us from losing our home?

I was all excited about blogging and now I’ve lost my positive energy. More to come…

One thought on “I’m back in 2010

  1. Sorry about the beef and cream cheese rolls stealing the thunder! They were a hit at the fiesta and greatly appreciated : )


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