Out of the Clouds a Moment

I suppose it’s time I posted a new blog, since my last one claims we haven’t got snow yet. It’s here, winter is full steam ahead and we officially have the snow to prove it. I’ve had my head in something lately… we’ll just say the clouds for now. Today I finally feel like I’m pulling it out a bit. Doncha just love metaphor?

Lately I’ve been noticing myself trying to use little phrases and jokes in my writing that are pretty much obscure. Little rules I’ve always tried to abide by (not using slang, contractions, or obscure references) seem to be falling by the wayside as my muse gets less and less acknowledgement. Frankly, I’m not really sure that this blog or any of my personal writing will ever make enough ripples to make a difference one way or another. I mean, if I use inside jokes and reference dorky internet sites or gaming humor is anyone going to stop reading altogether?

While I’d love to pump out a novel and start making money with my few marketable talents, it seems that blogging must suffice for the present -at least until my children can survive a few moments of quiet in the house. But I feel like such a sellout trying to find a way to profit from journaling.The general idea is to attract readers and by doing so attract people who want to advertise to those readers. Even blogging is becoming a side-project of marketing these days. I remember being crestfallen when I walked into my “advanced public relations” classroom in college and find the professor writing the words “Integrated Marketing Communications” on the board instead. I felt as if I’d been victim of a bait and switch tactic.

My pursuit of Public Relations as a career option was based in my love of communication and understanding between people and groups of people. The intro class allowed me to believe, naively, that I could somehow find a way to make this field of spin doctors and social gurus my home when I graduated. Of course I never did graduate… I suppose that I have no one but myself to blame for my lack of fulfillment in that arena. There were personal failures, traumas, and losses involved but essentially I quit school in the final lap. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still like to finish it and start paying off my sky-high student loans. I’d also like to grow wings and fly to Ireland to make my home among the fairy folk -but neither one is likely to happen in the next few years.

In other news, we’ve got the basement 90% finished and I have to say that I’m enjoying Mike’s man-cave nearly as much as he is. It’s nice just to be in a room and realize that it’s been successfully repurposed due to all your hard work. Thanks to all the friends who’ve helped with the painting and furniture moving. Maybe we can talk Mike into a Yule-tide party…