Black Tuesday

It’s been a dreary month, but somehow we still haven’t seen snow here in Northern Illinois. I’ve taken up my knitting project again, since the weather will soon require Bastian to wear a scarf. Once it is finished I will start up on the cross-stitch projects I finished this past summer and get them mounted for framing. Unfortunately, I was just practicing a new craft when i did them, so I did not account for the extra fabric I’d need to stretch them -wish me luck!

In other news… I have not lost any of the 8 pounds I was formerly lamenting about here. I’ve only worked out maybe two days since I swore I’d lose it again. Honestly, as voluptuous as I am, most people would balk if they knew my actual weight. They wouldn’t guess it, I don’t think. I’m not even brave enough to reveal it here to my anonymous audience. Just know that something HAS to change -and now that I have an office where I can schedule out my days better I’m hoping for the best.

Today’s activities:

  • Clean out and move the fishtank from downstairs into my office, so I can clean out and sell the old one.
  • Take junk out of the dining room and find places for it.
  • Move the kennel into the dining room so I can further organize my office space.
  • Re-position all houseplants so they get adequate sun and are out of the way.

That doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Let’s get started right after I finish this damn scarf.


One thought on “Black Tuesday

  1. Wow! I know you can get it all done! I have faith in you dear! Can you please (when you can spare a moment) please teach me to knit : ) also…how much are you selling your tank for?


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