Outbreak Monkeys Unite!

So the whole house has been passing around and alternating between a fairly low-key cold and a terrible respiratory infection or flu. Charlie went to the doctor yesterday and has a minor ear infection. He’s now on amoxicillan, which is a relief to me since he’s got the youngest and most vulnerable immune system. Bastian’s coughing was pretty bad when he woke up and I had all but decided he was staying home… until he had some breakfast and some juice and the cough subsided quite a bit. He was chasing Charlie around the living room laughing when we decided at the last minute that he could ride to school with his dad. He wasn’t very happy about that, of course, but he’s already missed a couple of days this month due to coughing or low-grade fevers and I’m tired of being the paranoid mom. He also told me yesterday that he “forgot” to bring home his report card two days in a row.

Now he is my son, so it’s possible that he’s just forgetting. It’s also possible that he’s afraid of what it will say. All of his academic career, however, Sebastian has made above average grades. I’m not really concerned about the grading so much as the teacher’s comments which usually say something like “pay more attention in class” or “follow instructions and work on organization skills”. The thing that amuses me about these comments is that they are almost identical to the ones I recieved as a kid alongside my above average grades. He’s still ahead of his class in reading comprehension by a significant margin, and gets excellent grades on all his math and science homework.

I feel so much better than I have the last four days, but because I’ve hardly eaten in the time I’ve been sick I feel extremely disoriented. I missed dinner last night, and I don’t recall eating lunch either. I’m pretty sure I had a bowl of shredded wheat for breakfast yesterday. This morning I woke up at 1:30 when Mike came to bed, and then again at 2:45, 3:30, 5:25, and finally gave up on pretending to be unconscious at about 6:15. Having awoken without the respiratory issues or coughing from the day before I decided to cook breakfast for the family, but six scrambled eggs and the last of our bacon later there wasn’t enough for everyone… so I really need some lunch. I feel as if I’m Robitrippin’ right now, but I haven’t even taken the Mucinex we have in the linen closet.

Maybe I should get some food and write later… this should be fun to read when I’m in my right mind.

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