No Pictures Please

Lately we’ve been going through some transitions. We lost our pet snake, Eve, who was really only around 5 years old. She should have lived for twice as long but due to a number of factors her life was cut short. I will not pretend that we took the best care of her we could have… but she recieved a proper burial and I said a few words of apology and remembrance. Sebastian and I discussed the responsibility one takes on when adopting pets and how keeping them alive should be the number one priority. We’ll probably be planting a tree on her grave in the spring. In the mean time, it will be a while before I agree to take in another pet that lives in a tank… except for fish. But even that tank is going to be moved into the office and possibly transferred into the snake’s old tank, which is much larger than the one our fish currently inhabit.

My office hasn’t happened yet -but Mike has taken the initiative this week as far as cleaning and preparation go. I really appreciate that he’s behind me on this, because I do need a space to get my work done. Currently, my computer is in the basement which is damp and cold and full of bugs (like any basement). This tends to keep me from wanting to be there at all, even though my beautiful desk and computer are down there. It will be really nice to have a place to sort bills and file all the piles of paper/mail that tend to collect around the upstairs of the house. I also intend to set up the paper shredder in there, so that we won’t have stuff sitting around that I’m afraid to throw away because it has my account numbers and such on it.

Once I get all the junk moved out of that room, I plan to paint it most likely a shade of lavendar. Hopefully that will be very soon! I’m sorry there are no pictures to go with this post, but I just felt like my waiting to take them was one more excuse to not blog or write and that is something I want to make a daily habit of. It’s looking like school may not be a possibility this semester, after all. I got all excited about enrolling and finishing school and then I got this notice saying that I couldn’t enroll until I took care of this hold on my account for delinquency on my student loans. Turns out, even if I am enrolled as a student I can’t register for classes until this is taken care of -but I might be able to get it taken care of if I pay out of pocket. But I’m eligible for a pell grant! I cannot have the pell grant, however, until this hold is removed. Kind of cyclical, innit?

Anyhoo, my mother bought us a water heater for Mike’s birthday (he got a shirt too, just not on the day of) and we have a plumber installing it now. I had to move some things around in the ritual space and I tucked away all the pentacles and god/goddess statues so as not to frighten anyone. Of course, the large ram head with glowing green eyes and my pre-ritual goddess blessing are still visible in the basement. The plumber’s been pretty friendly so far, and I don’t enjoy making people uncomfortable. I guess it just makes me sad that we live in a world where I know that so many people would be uncomfortable if I were as open about my beliefs as so many other mainstream religious followers are. This is my weekend! Wear those pentacles proud, fellow pagans! Just not when you have a service person in your home trying to make a living. The guy we finally decided on was the only one who’d give me a quote on the phone, and he was about three minutes late -which for most service calls I’ve had to schedule is about two hours early. Once the job is finished, I’ll definitely be giving him a good review.


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