Full Moon Blessings

I spent some time in a ritual space yesterday, and it felt really good to get back. I felt as if I had been away a long time from the spiritual part of my life.

The Northern Altar
The Northern Altar

The experience left me with some ideas to ponder, and also reminded me that if we do lose the house in the future I’ll be losing my sacred space. I’m sure we could create a much smaller space if we end up in an apartment or something… but I’ll really miss having an entire room for practice and meditation.

Lately I’ve been trying to come up with better ways to organize my time and the things I need to get done. It seems like I’m constantly being pushed ahead of myself by things I need to do, people I need to touch base with, and places I need to be. There are moments in the day that I feel like pulling my hair out and every time the phone rings or the door knocks I get more and more frazzled. I’ve been adding task lists and events to my google calendar and that’s helped quite a bit as far as remembering when I have to be places.

Being home with the kids is a mixed blessing. I get to make them dinner and tuck them in at night, and I get lots of cuddle time with Charlie during the day. I also get to deal with being in mommy-mode for just about every waking hour. That can be a strain on the nerves… but they do such cute stuff sometimes that it makes it all worthwhile!

Recently a volunteer plant sprung up in my messy “landscaped” area of the yard. For a while it stumped me, google searches turned up everything from blackberries to choke cherries. My next door neighbor looked it up in a book and thought it might be logan berries -but today I finally discovered what I’ve got. Pokeweed. Differing opinions as to the severity of it’s poisonous properties… but pretty much a no-go in my opinion as far as cooking options. It may lend itself toward making a small well of ink, however. I guess it starts out looking bright purple, but becomes more permanent and more brown as it ferments. According to wikipedia, the Declaration of Independence was written in fermented pokeberry ink. How about that now? I’ll be posting some luscious pictures of the berries soon.


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