Paranoia cha-cha-cha

So this morning I was relatively awake and motivated to get things done… this occasionally happens when I make myself go to bed before midnight. I’m going to continue to make this a trend so that eventually I can accomplish all the seemingly simple tasks between myself and forward progress of any kind. I know I shouldn’t be that excited about it, when I just took a few semesters off, but I got accepted to NIU today!

Mom called and invited us over for lunch, and it seemed like a good idea to me. Afterwards I was thinking about what a good tip that was and decided to start posting regular tips for Po’ Folks like myself.

Tip #1 – Never leave the house hungry -no matter where you’re going. It’ll only make you feel more needy if your broke, and if you’ve got any money at all you’ll end up spending it on something you don’t need. It just happens this way.

So yeah. My inspiration for this was hot dog buns mom made into garlic bread.  I’ll post a picture later to show you how ingenious (and tasty) these are. On the way over to mom’s Charlie and I had fun fighting the van, which stalled out twice on my way down the driveway (it doesn’t seem to like reverse) and at a few stoplights along the way (it also doesn’t like idle) and sputtered a few times downtown. I’m pretty sure that forces are aligning against me somewhere in the Universe. Maybe it’s an astrological thing. Anybody else experiencing an incredible stroke of bad luck this month?

I mean I lost my job, got in a car accident, got hit with painful tooth pain, and now I’m facing the possible loss of my only transportation all in one week! Top that off with all the difficulty I’ve been having with getting a single thing done in the mess of things to do that have been waiting for me since before I lost my job. Wish me luck, folks! I’m gonna need it.

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