Write. Write? RIGHT!

I feel the need to write lately. Not just the usual “Oh my god I can’t wait to post a journal entry about this experience” or “I’m gonna Tweet this right now so people know it’s happening” kind of feeling. This is more like the  “I’ve always wanted this and always known I was capable of it, so why don’t I ever attempt to get a job doing it?” kind of feeling.

Also, the last few days I’ve been feeling alot better about things in general. Not necessarily optimistic about the situations that have been bothering me, but more at peace with the possibilities they represent. Changes can seem pretty negative at times, but often lead into something that was much better than the previous arrangement in the long run. That sort of makes it a positive, right?

More to come -I can’t spend too much time on the computer blogging, because I really do want to accmplish some things today before my day off ends.

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