Green Eyed Monster Volunteers for Makeover Show

So I’m experiencing a mixed array of emotions upon hearing that Extreme Home Makeover is coming to our area. Of course I wouldn’t want to suffer some of the terrible misfortunes that the winning families have gone through to be chosen for this awesome experience. My kids are healthy and my husband is alive and relatively well… but those homes are AMAZING. Still, I am really grateful that there are things like this happening in the world for families that really need it. Even though I probably won’t get to meet Ty…


They’re coming here, I’m suspecting they’ll be just west of Rockford somewhere, and they need volunteers. I’m planning on signing up when they open the shedule to be filled in four-hour shifts on Aug. 31st. The family and area of the build won’t be revealed until Sept 9th when Ty knocks on the door of the family chosen and informs them that they’ll be getting a Home Makeover. I always cry my way through that show, and I have to repay them for the cartharsis somehow… plus volunteering for something like this would be fulfilling and wouldn’t look terrible on a resume, or so I’ve heard. Maybe I could network or meet someone in the industry (Television production) that could point me in an appropriate direction. I’ll try to get some pictures and video of the experience, if possible.


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