Dreaming of Reiki

It’s appropriate that I had this dream now, since I’ve recieved my Reiki II attunement for the second time. This summer I met with a Reiki Master who was interested in doing a workshop and giving Reiki II attunements. I already have my Reiki II, but the Master Teacher who gave it to me originally said she did not feel confident when she performed it, because her health was compromised and she was out of practice. This attunement was powerful, and felt very potent.  I know many of my friends are in need right now, and I just wish this illness would leave me so that I could give them what healing I can. I guess I feel both hopeful and frustrated at having this dream right now.

I dreamed the other night that I was riding in a car, looking out at the full moon (I think it was actually the night before the full moon, but it had been huge before I went to bed) through the window. The passenger window was cracked about an inch or two open, and I was suggesting to my fellow passengers that we should do a full moon ritual. I believe Mike was driving, and he repeated my suggestion and seemed interested in complying.

The next sequence of the dream took place out at a friend’s farm. The farm Mike and I got married on, actually. This friend of ours (the officiant for our wedding and also an instigator and provider for the engagement and the ring) was there and her back was hurting her. She does have problems with her back in real life and is actually needing energy for that.  In the dream there were people there getting ready to perform a Reiki session on her, and as I sat a little apart from them and watched, I felt my hands just buzzing with energy. The feeling of pins and needles and an intense heat was surrounding both of my hands, even more intense than most actual Reiki sessions I’ve performed. As the dream started to fade away I remember considering that I should use this strange burst of Reiki energy on Jan, since she was in need of it.

When I finally did awaken, my hands were still buzzing.

…doesn’t need much interpretation. I need to give Jan some Reiki.


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