Things That Sting

july090012 Well, July has been fun so far… Charlie got his first three bee stings, all at once. The kids were playing in the driveway near the back of the house, and when I went in to grab my camera he got into it with a few bees. We’ve got a wasp nest under the deck, so I’m thinking they were most likely the culprits. Poor baby was upset, but considering how bad they look he really didn’t cry for long.

Fourth of July was pretty last minute for us. I had to work Friday and Saturday, but afterwards I came home and sat with the kids in the living room while we waited for the rain to stop. We missed my family’s bbq and skipped the downtown fireworks to go out to a friend’s house. Fortunately, they were able to make a quick run to the border (the Wisconsin border, that is) and get some bottle rockets and mortars to blow up. The fun got a little scary at times, but the yard was big enough that the kids were either on the deck or in the house during the scary parts.

These sparks are a few feet from the camera!
These sparks are a few feet from the camera!

Here’s a shot of the one misfire we had -of course Mike got to light this one. It sparked for a bit but never moved upward into the sky. Thank Goddess everyone dove away from it a split second before it exploded. I snapped the picture just as I heard bits of cardboard bouncing off the plastic slats. These sparks are a few feet from the camera! I could have been seriously hurt.

I stood up to find my husband (all six feet four inches of him) rolling around in the grass laughing hysterically. At first I couldn’t tell if he was hurt or not, but everyone was fine. At least I got a chance to play around with the fireworks setting on my digital camera. The kids (young and old) got to have some fun with sparklers, too. I used the lawnchair that saved my life (or at least my skin) as a tripod, since I didn’t have time to pack mine along. I’ll post some video of the fire-inspired antics on my photobucket later on.

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