Night Rider Strikes Again!

So I rode my bike to the bar again on Tuesday, and last night I slept like the dead. My legs were sore all day long, but it was a good kind of pain… the pain that comes along with physical accomplishment. I rode several miles between Monday and Tuesday -finally starting up that regular exercise I keep talking about needing. I was going to bust out the Wii Fit this morning, but again I sacrificed my morning workout so the kids could watch cartoons. I have such a generous nature. *ahem*

Somewhere between  cross-stitching for a while, making pigs in a blanket for breakfast, and attempting yet again unsuccessfully to find the mounting bracket for my bike basket -I made some etch-a-sketch art. nostandingETCHCharlie has taken to standing on the damn thing, which I know can’t be good for it, and so in order to prevent him I created a magical talisman that my illiterate 2 year old must somehow understand. Anyhow, I was never much good at 2 dimensional graphic art (Translation: I can’t draw) and so this makes me proud.

Sometime before sleepies tonight I need to get a workout, and it has to be at home since I am insisting that my husband go somewhere and enjoy himself this evening. He’s been at home working on his company and worrying about money for weeks. Perhaps the Wii Fit workout is still in my future…


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