Livin’ on the Edge

I got off work last night feeling fairly energetic, if not sore in the legs. Lately I’ve been feeling very stiff and sore, and blaming it on old age or perhaps untreated injury. Perhaps it’s denial, because I should know that muscles get full of toxins when they aren’t being worked out on a semi-regular basis. Despite the fact that I stand for my entire shift at work, I’m not really moving around enough for it to constitute exercise. Last night some friends came by and I joined them on a ride that was invigorating to say the least. I forgot my camera, so I had to use the cell (with no flash).

Downtown Rockford, IL
Downtown Rockford, IL

Here’s a shot of the outside of our Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Best I can do with limited equipment. Next time will be much better quality.

I’ve finally bitten the Twitter bullet, and I must say… it’s growing more addictive by the hour. Once I found out that I can update via text message and it isn’t going to charge me for data usage, I began tweeting my little heart out.

Of course, as with the other mega social networking sites out there, I discovered that half the people I know are easily found and the other half are probably just less active. So, I am now following like 40 people with 32 followers of my own. I love that contacts are called “followers” on Twitter. I have a following, finally.

Aside from posting there are direct messages and other little nuances I didn’t quite understand at first, but I found this blogger House of Prince has written an excellent FAQ for tweeting… twittering? Twitter. Anyhoo, check it out if you’re not feeling confident in your tweets. Snoop Dogg even has a profile -Fo’ Twizzle my nizzle. LOL!


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