The Burbs

So we have these neighbors I call the Klopeks. If you haven’t seen the movie The Burbs, navigate to a site or pop in the DVD right now, because you’re robbing yourself of a true American comedy.

They’re strange, they won’t wave back or smile at me, and they all have really bad posture. A month or so ago, the city sent out a guy to warn us that the neighbors had complained about us moving our pop-up camper to the back corner of our yard. The city requires it to be on a hard surface, not grass. Apparently the fact that they’re renters and have a rickety-ass wooden trailer with a tarp over it sitting on THEIR grass was not an issue for the Klopeks when they called to complain. The only neighbor the matriarch of the Klopek house will speak to is across the street from both of us, and she came over just to tell me it was them who complained.

So this morning around 10:30 I went out and moved the damn thing back onto the driveway. It took a lot of sweating, cursing, and eventually driving the van onto the grass so I could pull the damn thing -but I did it. Now I’m too tired to mow the lawn. On a good note, however, Tuesday’s heat didn’t get the best of us because we have a slip n slide!


Not name brand or anything, but here’s Bastian FINALLY sliding on his tummy, after being coaxed for nearly an hour. Still, the damn neighbor kid couldn’t even stay out of his way for the actual event. I have to invest in more fencing.

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