The Karoake Did Me In

Man, the kamikaze last night at Kryptonite was TOUGH! the dope show... the dope show...

For those who aren’t hip, Kamakaze Karaoke is when you submit your name for the contest, the K.J. (karaoke jockey) picks songs at random (or not) for each person to sing and then you jump on stage when your name is called, having no idea what you’re going to sing until the title pops up and you start. It’s pretty awesome to watch, and even awesomer to participate in if you’re good at fakin’ it til you make it. That’s right, I said awesomer.

Anyway, so Burns does this high-energy rendition of the A.A.F. cover of smooth criminal and brings down the house. Later he did some Manson, and boy does he get into character for it!

So anyway, of course I’m up after him. There I stood, wondering how anyone could possibly top the effort he put into his performance when my song pops up…

…OMG. I couldn’t breathe, my face was red… but dammit, I did alright. Folks were pretty surprised to see me keepin’ up with eminem (almost) and knowing all the words. Hey, I have an extensive background in gangsta rap. I still didn’t win, but that’s alright. It was a good night anyway. Now back to the laundry.


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