365 pictures: Day One

Okay, I’ve done pretty well so far with the posting regularly. Let’s see if we can do this 365 days of pictures thing. I’ll post one a day for 365 days. Of course, I’ll be away from the computer from July 22 – 26 because I’m finally getting a camping trip, YAY!

Still, though… I’ll post one for every day I was gone. Here’s a picture of Bastian on our last camping trip, after the mosquitoes mistook his face for a smorgasbord of blood. 126_2650

I made the mistake of just opening up the van and letting him play while I put up the tent. This year, he will be bathed in Geraniol before he sets foot out into the battlefield. Once I used it on myself and the kids I noticed the bugs were a helluva lot less attracted to us, plus it has no deet. It’s a combination of geranium and something else… anyway, I have to get back to cleaning the pantry/linen closet/our bedroom/the kitchen…


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