The Blog is Back

Those of you who haven’t visited for a while may notice that my blog is finally getting some much-needed maintenance. I’ve changed up the look, once again routed the blog through my domain, and last but not least… I’ve made my Photobucket site public. I know, I know… I deleted all the dirty stuff. Well, most of it anyway. Thanks for coming back, and please feel free to comment. I love comments on my blog.

I posted a few hours ago about the storms… they seem to have fizzled out finally, and the air is much cooler. It’s still really damp outside, but I love the cool night air. Charlie’s still a little nervous about lightning, and I hate leaving him on days like this. It’s not that I’m worried about the little tyke -but I just love the feeling I get when he cuddles up real close and looks up at me… I can see in his eyes and his animated expressions that he knows he’s safe on mama’s lap. Sebastian is a really awesome big brother, too. He’s always quick to comfort his brother, and he has started writing me little notes and stories at random. He’s also reading books with more words than pictures, all by himself. The connection between a parent and a child is probably the most spiritually fulfilling thing a person can ever know. I lit a candle today for some friends who want children very badly… I know they’d make great parents, because they are both good at heart and open to guiding those in need.  Hopefully I’ll be able to convince them to jump one of our bonfires this summer. A couple together can jump and wish for a child just as well as a man. Laugh now, but Mike and I had a fire for our handfasting and of the three guys who jumped it -Charlie has three little friends to play with.

Worth Walking the Plank For
Worth Walking the Plank For

Work wasn’t actually that bad, and now that it’s over the Captain and I are going to settle in for some TV time before the hubby gets home. He ran out to deposit a check from the second new client he’s negotiated with in his role as frontman for the company. So far I’m really proud of how hard he’s worked -having a full time day job and trying to put all he can into a startup web design firm that he’s a part of.  He’s done well, and I really do think that the guys are going to make it big if they keep their noses to the proverbial grindstone.

Check out the site and you can see some of my work… in the form of editing copy and occasionally writing a small blurb here and there.

Momentum Workshop


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