So I saw "Milky" at the bar last night and he looks fine. I even called him Milky, without explaining myself tee hee, and the evening was pleasant. I was a little irritated that I didn’t get called up for the song I really wanted to sing. I did get to participate in the kamakaze karaoke and also went up as moral support on a little Joan Jett Duet.

I finally got in touch with my BFF today. For several weeks now I’ve been planning on calling him and not doing it. We got our headsets out and chatted via Skype for a while. I cannot seem to find my web cam suddenly… I know I disconnected it because my computer is running super-shitty. I’ll have to clean up the damn basement and maybe look upstairs somewhere.

I’m sleepy, but I got to take a shower tonight so that’s a plus. I’m too embarrassed to admit how long it’s been (plus I can’t accurately remember anyway) since I had one. I used to take daily hour long showers, before we moved into a house with one bathroom between four people. At least we have it better than the Brady’s.

I’m also trying to listen to more music. Tomorrow I’ve arranged for a babysitter so I can go to Janet Wattles and see a therapist for an assessment. I’m hoping that the "sliding scale" payments based on income will be reasonable enough that I can afford to go for the actual sessions. Maybe the end of this week would be a good time to ro and re-apply for state subsidized health insurance. I’m currently the only person in the house who’s not covered at all -and that really sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to have health care first and foremost… but Mike’s benefits through work are super expensive (and they just went up) and we can’t afford to put me on with him. I had a medical card, but they took me off because I didn’t provide enough check stubs to re-qualify. I even drove down to the damn DHS (Department of Human Services) and made copies for their drop box there. The bastards.

Work pretty much sucked, but not hard. I worked with the gorgeous blonde from California tonight. She’s friendly, and doesn’t really flaunt her looks… but men can’t seem to help themselves nevertheless. She’s got a boyfriend, and I do sort of feel bad for her having to turn guys down so often. I’ve always hated dissapointing interested men… maybe that’s why I had so many stupid relationships when I was younger. Anyway, good looking women seldom have a fully developed sense of personal responsibility. At least the floor associates are willing to help me when I need it -because I’m polite and I don’t act all "put out" when I’ve got to help them. It feels good to know that my co-workers recognize my work ethic -even if the management doesn’t.

Got to hit the sack, so I can get up with the babies. More to come…


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