R.I.P. Milky

So I had this long and really involved dream… which of course I didn’t write down. I think I may have dozed off this morning and dreamed about writing it down, though. Anyhoo… the last part of it was a funeral for a friend of ours. In the dream, his headstone was one of those flat ones that is flush with the ground, and his photo was posted on it with the name "Milky". There was a carboard cover over the headstone, though, so we could only see it through a small hole that I think one of us had kicked or ripped in the cover. There was a single rose inside, with the stem cut off. I remember knowing in the dream that we called him that because he was pale. What really sucks is that this is a real-life friend who’s currently alive and kicking.  I hope…

The party when off alright. I felt like my sanity was slowly dripping away as the kids kept running around and some friends from school turned out to be more than a handful. I can’t really say Mike wasn’t helping -he did all the cooking, and attempted to run to the store for me in the morning. But I did feel a little over burdened. Maybe it’s just me. In any case, I need to go upstairs and grab my glasses… I also need to make some phone calls before work.

I’ll be back!


One thought on “R.I.P. Milky

  1. I had a good time at the party. It’s easy to get frazzled with that many kids at once but you didn’t show it on the outside. Thanks for the invite. We’ll have to get together again soon.


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