Oddly Enjoying My Un Sane Dialog With Myself

Yeah. So I haven’t blogged in ages and ages. *insert all the usual cliche reasons why people make these whiny and inadequate attempts to justify ignoring the blogosphere for a while* but I just had to write.

I feel like I’m going to explode. SO much time I’ve been spending at work, and not with the kids… it’s really beginning to eat away at me. My availability as I entered it when they hired me was 3pm to close during the week and open on the weekends. Honestly, I start anywhere from 11am to 1:30pm on most weekdays. The economy is so terrible, though, and the company is being really threatening and creepy about it. People were fired because of  "the economy" and now some are back. People are shuffled from higher positions to lower paying ones and told it’s that or they can resign. I am getting so many hours I’m basically full time. Great money… but I’m not eligible for benefits because I’m technically listed as "part time" and my kids don’t get naps or mom-cooked meals. Does that seem off to anybody else? I see my older son for only the time it takes to get him ready for school in the morning. Maybe an hour a day when I work days. I am starting to hate this… I miss my kids, but we need this money so badly… Would I lose my job if I asked them to please schedule me within my availability maybe three days a week? Should I even have to ask myself that question? What the hell are labor laws for? …is this an arguement for a Wal*Mart laborers union or what? I better stop before I get terminated or something.

This is only the surface of my inner turmoil at the moment. I need to finish college, I need to defer my already due student loans. I need to walk the dog more often, I need to address the issue of our sorely neglected BOA CONSTRICTOR in the basement… I can’t even write when I feel inclined, because my computer is in the basement and that place is dank and cold to me now that I’m so old -and fat.  I’m turning thirty. I have to work on St. Patty’s Day –Okay. Now I’m just bitching.

I think I still have adult ADD!


7 thoughts on “Oddly Enjoying My Un Sane Dialog With Myself

  1. I’m sorry, that’s gotta be tough. Maybe you could change your availability. At Target, that was as easy as filling out a form and turning it in to HR. Wal-Mart’s evil though.
    If they’re cutting back, maybe you could just volunteer to give up a few hours.


  2. If there’s anything I can do…just let me know. I don’t know what I could do, but the offer is there, just so you know.
    Keep your chin up. My thoughts are always with you guys!


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