47 Inches To Glory

Yesterday was sort of amazing by my recent standards. These past few weeks I’ve sunk deeper and deeper into depression as our financial situation became more bleak. The broadband got shut off last Sunday (we have a broadband phone and no cell) so I paid $58 to turn it back on Monday. Then Thursday the gas got shut off, and my mother had to bail us out -although they can’t come turn it back on until Tuesday the 26th.

All these places are advertising positions in the classifieds, and yet everywhere I applied (both online and in person) it felt like they were just dodging my calls or outright telling me there wasn’t a place for me. Having 5-6 years of college and no degree is apparently worse than having just a Diploma or GED.

So, finally, I get a real person on the phone at a local distribution center for a chain of home improvement stores. It’s hard work, heavy lifting, and ten hour shifts… but it pays well, and dammit I’ll take anything! Monday I go in for my drug test and “skills assessment”. I’m hoping they’ll ask me to start Tuesday, because I want that first paycheck ASAP. The only drawback, really, is that it’s 7:30 pm to 5 am. But I’ll find a daycare for the 1 year old, and the 6 year old is in school full time now. I’ll sleep in the mornings and then get both kids around 3.

The same day that I had my successful interview (yesterday, and he offered me the position on the spot!) our TV came back from repairs. DAMN did I miss that 47″ flat screen!

We’ve been using my son’s little 20″ or so TV as the living room set, and it’s tiny and not as clear AND doesn’t have a remote. Although I am proud of us for going a whole summer without a TV, and of the kids for finding other ways to play and entertain themselves… I spent all of last night getting reacquainted with that huge picture and sharp image. I can’t wait to watch a movie on it.

Things are looking up!


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